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B2B Appliance Parts
3906 Johnston St.
Lafayette, LA.70503
(337) 984-1299


  Don't shelf it! Sell it!  Somewhere, someone needs those parts!  

Consider prices on parts for resale in database:

  • How long that part has been in stock?
  • Original price paid for the part?
  • Will this part ever sell at your location?
  • How much does this part sell for now?
  • Is this part still available?
  • Is this part listed in B2B database and how much is it priced?

A working formula that we suggest is to look up current price at the retail end and reduce that price by 50%.

Here is why this formula works » Parts you and other dealers list here are slow moving items in your area that have been on the shelf for awhile. Parts you have already paid for, carried on your inventory from month too month in some cases year to year, taking up needed space, basically collecting dust. Someone, somewhere needs that part and will wait that 2-4 days for delivery if the price is right.  Yes, you are going to take a slight loss on what you paid for that part originally, but, here is an opportunity to recover some of those losses. And to get those parts out on the open market at a reasonable cost.

This formula does not have to be followed to the letter and is not the answer for all parts prices. Good example is parts that can no longer be found or are no longer available anywhere. In those cases its up to the account holder to make that decision, who knows that may be a part someone has looked for, for months.

Keep in mind when you are pricing your parts, that buyer is also paying shipping, so it has to be worth while for them to purchase that part, pay shipping,  wait for delivery and still make a profit on his resale end.

Sell Your Overstocked Parts:

Features: Personal Account Manager

  • Quick  Account setup 

  • Integrated Product Search Page

  • Copy & Transfer Data

  • Easy to use Control Panel

  • Windows & QuickBooks Friendly

  • Personal Data Base

  • Track Shipping and Purchases

  • USPS, US Postal, Fed Ex Shipping calculations


  • Recover Lost Capital - Money spent on Inventory Not Moving 
  • Close Out Old Inventory - Taking Inventory on Same Parts
  • Increase Buying Power - Purchasing New Parts For Less
  • Reach Larger Markets
  • Access To Higher Earning Potential

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